By George I think she's got it!

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Tonight I managed to bind off my little test knit learning swatch.

That means I have this week:

Taught myself to cast on, do knit stitch and bind off.

next up: purl (which always makes me think of computer languages, but thats just geek me)

It's not quite picture worthy yet, but soon soon I shall take a picture of my first decent attempt!


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Oh dear me...I adore the smell of lavender. Nevermind roses, give me lavender. I went out to do other assorted tidying and planting and I can smell my lavender plant. Bliss. I then decided to weed around it a bit as the rains had caused evil grass to grow up -through- the plant. In weeding it, a stem fell out, so I now have a new experiment. Slathered the end of the stalk in rooting hormone and made a small clay pot for it. Cross your fingers for it, as I would love to end up with another viable plant to help take over the disaster of a front planter that I have. I had 5 different lavenders last summer, but right after I planted them the 108+ temps hit, and they did not like that before they were established. I may have to just go to the farmers market on Sat and get more plants to fill up the planter with different lavenders and get them established before the summer.

Bathtub Gin

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I like the look of the blue bottle, but its so obvious that its a Bombay Sapphire bottle.
But the idea to change it a bit and make it a little less gin-recycled came to mind.

I decided to try the glass etching paste from the craft store.

The bottle has two sides with slightly raised ingredients pictures on it, so the challenge is to at least cover those while making a nice design.

Here is the side with the pictures on it, masked with blue painters tape.

The parts you leave exposed are what gets etched.

On the other two sides, I did additional stripes for some variety.

Here is the bottle with the Armour Etch stuff painted on the exposed areas.  Discovered you need to leave it on -way- longer then they state.

I even had to reapply and leave it longer. 

Voila!  Its not anywhere near as frosty as I wanted it. I suspect they don't let mere mortals buy the stronger chemicals. 

Either that or Bombay Sapphire bottles are just great quality glass.

 But they do seem to have come out with a pressurized sandblasting kit, which intrigues me a lot.

I think I will use the bottle formerly known as gin  in the bathroom for bubble bath on the windowsill.