Planting the seeds

Author: Vintagified / Labels:

I got my catalogs from Thompson & Morgan and Seeds of Change this week. Seed Catalogs are always so inspiring.

Of course I am limited by the small area I have to garden, but I still saw a few standout things I want to try.

Most of all is the Bat Plant above. Its super cool looking and they say it works for a container plant.

Other then that one, I plan on getting some decent tomatoes this year. Last year I sort of missed the boat for tomatoes, and since they are so easy to manage to get a decent crop of, I feel like I failed.

I would love to manage to make the front of my bungalow a bit more garden like. So maybe some more old fashioned flower seeds as well.


Anonymous said...

Dude. The bat plant? Freaky. I do -not- want to run into that plant in the dark.

Yellow Blade said...

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