Writing while standing still

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Stationary is a particular joy in my life.

I also love reading about all the rules of the past. Which cards to use, how to have them engraved, the rules of what color paper is appropriate for women vs men.
There were more rules then but as time went by, relaxed into the less formal ways that we put pen to paper now.

In "The New Etiquette" by Margery Wilson in 1940, she gives us these more modern rules:

Letter-paper or note-paper should never be ruled, nor should it have a gold edge.
It should never be eccentric nor "arty." Paper which is scented is an abomination, but if the merest suspicious of fragrance, such as might result from contact with the perfumed belongings of her boudoir, escapes from a woman's personal letters it cannot be made the subject of criticism. But the scent must be so faint as to cause doubt of its reality.

She goes on to note that paper can these days be any shade but pink.

So no pulling an Elle Woods from Legally Blonde:

Professor Callahan: It’s pink...
Elle: Oh! And it's scented! I think it gives it a little something extra, don't you think? Ok, well, see you next class!

Black ink on white paper is a classic look, but even Mrs. Wilson agrees that one can be a bit more feminine and use a bit of color, perhaps with a narrow border.

I have several different types of paper, and poor Mrs. Wilson would be quite scandalized to find that I have silver bordered paper! I find it looks nice with either red or black ink. I also have a light blue paper with a darker blue border for use with blue ink and cream paper for general use.

I love to write with fountain pens and thus have a slight obsession with ink. I like using colors that invoke the seasons, and make me smile.

But the paper is always good quality, usually Crane's. That is not something that in my opinion has changed with time. If it is worth the effort to hand write a letter, the recipient should be able to feel that care in each aspect of the letter, even the paper.

So maybe Mrs. Wilson would forgive me my colored inks after all, as long as I am writing letters.


Anonymous said...

Fountain Pens, Ink and Good Paper!
These are things I cannot live with out. I love to shop for, handle and use them. It goes far beyond hobby but is more of an obsession.