Flea Marketing

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I go flea marketing once a month or more.

My hints and tricks are few but I seem to have good luck finding things at good prices.

1. Go early, but this does not mean go so early you pay more to go in. That does not pay off if you do not find something good, then its just cost you 10 to window shop, instead of 5.

2. Go alone, or if you must bring company, only one person. There is little point to having a huge crowd, it takes longer to go through the market, and you actually see -less-.

3. Never go with a specific purchase you are wishing to make. I have a list of things I am looking for, but I never go with such blinders on that I miss other stuff that might not be on the list. The shakers to my stove had been on my list for months, and I did find them suddenly at a flea market, while not only looking for them.

4. Move fairly fast. Most booths have lots of junk. The good stuff, the stuff you like, will leap into your vision and you will see it. Call it the zen of Marketing if you will. You will not -miss- the good stuff if you go fast. If you go slow, you just see -more- cruddy stuff.

5. Bargain, but do not expect a merchant to deep discount something you and they both know would go for a high price elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Good points. #3 is particularly important.

- Doran